Julian Kelley

“AS YOU LIKE IT” @ Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, 2022. 

Directed by Peter Andersen.
Julian Kelley (he/they) is a projection designer and animator currently based in the DMV area. He seeks to combine his motion design background with his love of theatre to create memorable and thought-provoking live experiences.

Julian is a 2023 graduate of the Video & Media Design MFA program @ Carnegie Mellon University. They are a graduate of Rider University's Technical Theatre program.


“AMERICAN PSYCHO” @ Monumental Theatre Company, 2024.

“Kelley and Wolhardt used a unique blend of found footage from the time period, acidified visuals, and live camera to lend a bird’s eye view to the gruesome goings on.”
        -Maryland Theatre Guide

“Projections designed by Julian Kelley are splashed across the front wall with distorted images and at times seem to be airing an overhead view of the action on the stage, a mind melting effect that further accentuates the complex and intricate design of the show as a whole.”
        -DC Theater Arts

“...they were incredibly engaging: multiple times, especially when Bateman was commiting acts of violence, a birds-eye view of center-stage was plastered on the wall, forcing the audience to be complicit in these acts from multiple angles in real-time”

“An unsung but crucial technical choice was its use of projections, a rarely-impressive but increasingly common element which is used here with pure artistic skill by Julian Kelley...”
        -Drew Morris

Directed by Michael Windsor.

“LIZZIE” @ Theaterworks Hartford, 2023. Projection design by Camilla Tassi.

Directed by Lainie Sakakura. 

“PRIVATE JONES” @ Signature Theatre, 2024. Video design by Patrick W. Lord.

Written & Directed by Marshall Pailet. 

“THE LITTLE MERMAID” @ Sierra Repertory Theatre, 2022.

Directed by Jerry Lee. 

“CONSTELLATIONS” @ Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, 2023.

Directed by Sarah Margaret Stowell.

“AS YOU LIKE IT” @ Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, 2022. 

Directed by Peter Andersen. 

“PRAISE IS WHAT WE DO” @ CMU Playground XX, 2022.

Directed by Kevin Tappan, Jr.

“LILY TOAD IN CLOWN TOWN” @ CMU Playground XX, 2022.

Directed by Phoebe Lloyd.

“POWER/TRIP” @ Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, 2021.

Directed by Anne Demelo.

“AMERICAN PSYCHO” @ Monumental Theatre Co., DC. July 2024.
Video Content Creator @ the Muny, St. Louis, MO. Summer 2024. 
“COMMUNION” @ the cell theatre off-broadway NYC asst. pjx designer. design by Ryan Belock Nov. 2024.